*SOLVED* 3DS Max UVW Stretching Issue

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gfelton polycounter lvl 3
So I'm having this strange...issue (if you could call it that) with some of my UVW islands that I'm currently unwrapping in which the islands are squishing unless I quick planar map them. The only work around I have at the moment is to quick planar as much as I can and either straighten selection or use the peel mode to attempt to mimic the original scale as much I can.  QP'ing some islands works fine as they are flat and only require a quick planar to get them into their proper scale. However, I also have some organic elements that I'm certainly not going to be able to just planar map. I attempted to use the peel mode in combination with relax: custom to attempt to force the scale back to its original state but Max did not like that at all and instead kept everything just the way it was. Pictures below:

Any advice is greatly appreciated as I really wanna get this thing into substance and start texturing. Thanks guys!


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