[UE4] Environment: ¨The Ancient Ruins of Khala¨

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Hello dear polygonians!

"The Ancient Ruins of Khala" is an environment piece I will be creating in the upcoming months, based in an awesome piece of art by the super talented Sergei Sarichev (more from Sergei: www.artstation.com/artist/sarichev).

The chosen artwork is this one:

Sarichev 2016

My main goal is to create a game ready AAA environment piece in Unreal Engine 4, that serves as a portfolio piece. I also want to include work in Substance Designer, and achieve nice lighting and an interesting composition. An awesome challenge! Sadly there are tons of environment art I cannot share in my portfolio at the time, so I`m dying to have a great piece in there! 

For those who wonder I´ll be working with the following software: ZBrush, 3Ds Max, Blender, Topogun 2, Substance Painter, Substance Designer, Photoshop and UE4 to achieve this piece. 

Sergei also took the time to detail the creative process behind this piece and gameplay plans, which I intend to keep.

Sarichev 2016

I will be doing weekly updates every Thursday from now on until it´s finished. I also may or may not post updates other days! I plan to take 3 months with this one, but you never know.

With Sergeis approval I´m ready to begin working on this right away! But first, a little about the lore of the temple. I wrote a small fragment of the story I imagined to guide me while working on it.

Khala was not mercenary barracks, like many Lords liked to think.
It used to be a Temple where hundreds of young people were educated in the arts
of calm, wisdom and the sword. It was an ancient order in charge
of maintaining peace between the 8 kingdoms of men, and for 1300 years it fulfilled its
duty. But neither the boldest warriors of the mortal realms could stand against
the ultimate challenge.

Nobody saw them coming, since they never crossed the gates at the foot of the mountain.
No one heard their approach for their footsteps made ​​no sound.
The only one who noticed their arrival was the wind, who tried to alarm them throwing strong
gusts that shook the banners of the Holy Temple of Khala. Nobody could
anticipate the arrival of the Dragons.

Since this is a practice piece, I really encourage all of you to criticize anything you may think it can be done better! I really want to learn a lot from this piece, so and C&C would be really awesome!

With no further ado, I´ll get right to it!


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