Modular Building Exercise

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JLHGameArt greentooth
Hello one and all,

I'm going back to University to take an MA in Game Art & Design this September. To prepare for this, over the summer I wanted to practice my modular environment building. I start on September 26th, and have very little else to do until then (other than getting a driving license...I'm 29 hah), so I can dedicate myself to this during the weekdays (weekends are for chilling with the lady).

I've been researching what kind of building I want to create, I found one I like and took a load of photos.

The plan is to use this project to start learning how to work in Unreal 4 (I have been using Unity for the last few years), and showcase my work. Recently I've not done much modular building, so I need the practice!

I'm referencing Polycount threads on Modular building projects for how I'm going about this build.

Here's a link to the Polycount Wiki covering Modular environments that I've been going through for ideas: http://wiki.polycoun...ar_environments

Here's a collection of the photographs I've taken and some breakdowns of what I want to build.



My next stage will be using BSP brushes to block out my scene in Unreal, make sure the scale feels right, and plan out each modular piece, then export it to Maya for individual Static Mesh building and UV unwrapping.

For textures, I'll probably use ZBrush, Substance Designer (still getting to grips with this one) and Photoshop. I have complete access to the building, so if I need more photos for the textures I can get them.

Any feedback/suggestions/critiques will be greatly appreciated throughout the project. If anyone has more documentation or tutorials they recommend I read please feel free to post those as well.

Cheers all!

P.S. Good thing the weather in the UK sucks, won't be missing much of a summer...

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