JADE [Fan-made Character for Overwatch]

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I still hyped by Overwatch, i decided to do a character of mine based in overwatch universe from zero, 
so here she is. 
Hope you like it buddies!

Real Name: Jade, Age: 30 
Occupation: Viper Squad Commander. 
Base of Operations: Around the World. 
Role: Offensive

(Jade was a nice soldier in the army in Egypt. there Pharah shared training, both were trained in the art of combat. 
After an bad event classified top secret by the government, Jade decided to leave Egypt and began her career as a bounty hunter and commander of the elite team "VIPER". 
Bounty hunters with extraordinary abilities. 
Now Jade or commander Viper, has decided to return to Egypt.)https://www.artstation.com/artwork/1Bo9K

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