[WIP] PC-CSGO AK47 - Payback

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Hello community for some reason if i post on the contest topic doesnt let me add images but in here it does =)

Heres my wip thread explaining the backstory behind this project and why its so important to make it right

One day i was invited to study at stan winston school and also interviewed and featured in their website

I was very flattered and proud obviously for those who dont know they worked on terminator , aliens , predator ,jurassic park and many other huge movies since the 70s mostly sci fi and won several oscars.

This contest means a lot to me, however we will make one entry only because we want to make it as good as it gets and also because we were finishing other skin projects for the workshop.

The reference images are first hand ,i remember my journey to the studio when i met them as if it was today so i want to make the best i can and focus all my energy on this skin.

It will be inspired mostly in terminator design and here i leave you guys a glance of the beggining
All the development and updates will be posted regulary

Mix of digital drawing and 3d modelling

thank you so much and best of luck to you all =)


Emka Studios


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