Bloodborne Fanart - Hunters Dream UE4

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Hello everyone! 

Here is my latest project, the hunters dream from Bloodborne. I'm a huge fan of the game so I just couldn't help myself! I wanted to do something from the game and I really like the hunters dream area of the game so that's what I picked :)

I hope I managed to pick up on the style as well as adding a bit of flavor on my own.

I used this project to fully learn Substance Painter which is a very powerful tool, I love it! I might not have pushed it to its full potential but I got a very good grasp on how to use it in the future. All the tileable textures are made in Substance Designer.
The assets are a combination of highpoly modelling and sculpting in Zbrush.

I will also post a full breakdown later this week, hopefully someone will find it useful :)



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