Newbie Rigging a Personal Character

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I'm pretty green to the whole rigging thing, I've done it very seldomly. The big issue right now is the cables and how to rig them to follow the arm automatically. This may be something needed to be done manually? I'm not sure, rigging and skinning is still fairly new to modeler like me.

In the end, this will be put into Unreal 4. Possible 2-3 dynamic poses (ie; attack pose and such) and if all goes well, an idle animation (ie: standing, possibly a boxer type stance animation). I've been searching the net but haven't found what I'm looking for or maybe just over looked not knowing. Any advice or point in the right direction would be appreciated. I will continue to search the web. Thank you for taking the time to look and put in feedback! :)

Low Poly with Normals

BiPed rig with cable bones following as a whole problem

CAT rig exploration copying the previous BiPed rig

Gif animation with issue going on. This is NOT what I want it to do. Think Marvel's Apocalypse and how his cables attach to him, that's the result I want to achieve.


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