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Hey everyone! Here's my interpretation of the Beast in one of my favorite universes - Warhammer 40k.

Using a lot of reference of the many different Dreadnought designs and elements, I'm planning on piecing together a unique Dreadnought.

The way this particular Dreadnought has come to be, is when a Librarian is critically wounded in battle, he's given a second life and put inside the beast of a machine that is the Dreadnought. I'm planning on having his grisly image exposed in the chest of the Dreadnought as shown in many of WH40k miniatures.

"Once a Blood Angels Librarian, a highly intelligent and highly esteemed individual, is critically wounded, they are given another chance at retribution. They are amputated and placed inside a heavily-armed combat walker – essentially an armored sarcophagus, the Dreadnought. The Librarians’ grisly and vicious image is embellished in the center of the Dreadnoughts chest. The Librarian, trekking amongst muddy and wet ruins at dawn, glances at his new armaments. He catches a glimpse of his own reflection off the reflective shiny blade, momentarily realizing the beast he has transformed into."


- FEB 2 Concept, Reference, Story added
- FEB 3 Quick DN Shape/Size Blockout
- FEB 6 Quick Possible Terrain Sculpts
- FEB 9 Base Sculpt of Librarian Bust
- FEB 24 Highpoly Modeling Exterior Begun
- FEB 27 Highpoly Exterior Update #1

- FEB 29 Highpoly Exterior Update #2
- MAR 2 - Highpoly Exterior Update #3 + Additional Sculpted Elements
- MAR 5 - Dreadnought Complete, Continued Sculpting Librarian
- MAR 9 - Librarian Sculpt and retopo completed
- MAR 10 - Dreadnought low-res mesh completed
- MAR 13 - Optimization, Pedestal Progress
- MAR 16 - Further Optimization, All elements UV'd
- MAR 19 - Baked Normals/AO - imported into UE4
- APR 2 - Texturing Update #1
- APR 3 - Texturing Update #2 (Completed Texturing)
- APR 5 - Texturing Update + Unreal 4 fiddling
- APR 9 - Posing, Lighting, Final Renders + Submission


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