The Warchief – Fan Art: Real-time

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rodgon greentooth
Hi everyone!

Real-time 3D model. Project done during the workshop with Danilo Athayde. :smile: 

+ More high-res images and breakdowns here!
+ Based and inspired on the concept art of Gilles Ketting.

Breakdown images


Wire-frame: low-poly




  • Nuclear Angel
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    Nuclear Angel polycounter lvl 6
    This is amazing.
    In my opinion though, it deserves an even more awesome presentation, I do understand if you want to match the concept you based her on. But she could be posed so much more interestingly. Also, did you do the hair in the same way as you did the fur?  Thanks for the fur breakdown and for sharing. 
  • Green Pirate64
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    Green Pirate64 polycounter lvl 4
    I would also love to see your setup for the hair. Amazing work!
  • rodgon
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    rodgon greentooth
    @Nuclear Angel , thanks!
    I agree, thanks for the tips. I would like to test others poses, but without a proper rigging would be a hard task and time demanding. I did this pose in Zbrush, no rig. So since my focus is modeling & texturing I keep the pose simple enough for presentation purposes and also to match more the concept's pose.
    For the hair technique, I've learned with Danilo Athayde during his workshop (here is the link), but the textures/alphas was hand painted instead of rendering them. I create the alphas and duplicate extras planes as needed. I think this fur technique might work for hair too, but I didn't try it yet. :)

    @Green Pirate64, thanks!
    The hair in this case was "simple" to create actually, is just demand time and patience to groom manually. I create the planes/cards with Zbrush and painted the textures/alphas by hand as needed, I use this technique to create the hair planes.  Here is my textures UV to have an idea. I just use diffuse and alphas and Just play with gloss and specs sliders, For the hair shader in Marmoset I use the skin shader with shadow blur and with anisotropic for reflection.  See this video from marmoset, great tips over there to understand the shaders!

  • Green Pirate64
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    Green Pirate64 polycounter lvl 4
    Thanks a lot man, wasn't sure how you handled the material.
  • Catzcratch
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    Catzcratch polycounter lvl 3
    inspirational work :)
    love the hair and fur . thx for sharing that fur breakdown

  • Apolloman
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    Apolloman polycounter lvl 2
    This is incredible, I have no words.

    Beautiful and insightful, thanks for that breakdown.
  • Shurkuris
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    Shurkuris polycounter lvl 3
    First of all, phenomenal work!

    But their is something bothering me about her overall presentation and I'm going to nitpick a bunch of things...

    1) Your presentation of a "Warchief" isn't conveyed at all through her face, she reminds me of Crystal Dynamic's interpretation of Lara Croft which is an unsure young woman.

    Her energy is really weak through her eyes, face muscles and mouth.

    (2) As you mentioned, you have no rig to go with her right now. But I feel like it's your weakest link as your work is giving off the wrong "Warchief leader" vibe and energy which the concept art does perfectly well. I like it, but I'm having trouble imagining recommending it to other people.

    Differences between Concept Art and Yours...

    -Stares above me, distractedly. (Weakest link for me)
    -Posture is relaxed like she is saluting or standing guard.
    -Shoulders aren't as wide as the Concept art and doesn't help giving her a dominating presence.
    -Hair style is more relaxed and reminds me of my view of "stereotypical" village Nordic woman.
    -The background/HDR you have is bothering me, a dark/blacker background would be better I think just like in the Concept Art.
    -She is smiling... urgh, don't smile! Don't ever smile!
    -Even though the scarf is really bright baby blue, I'm having trouble noticing it unless I zoom in for good or bad reasons. (Personally I think that is one area that really needs more polygons to give it form, It's just to uniform and boring)

    Concept Art
    -Staring directly at me or the person behind me like I'm an insect.
    -I find her blood X mark is more memorable than yours. (Seen it to many times in other art/media forms)
    -Hair style is far more interesting and dominating.
    -I found her earrings a good composition for the shot, but yours are barely noticeable.
    -Her body posture gives her a dominating protecting feel or has a large army behind her to kick your ass.
    -Thicker eyebrows! (More attractive for me)
    -Her face structure, nose and jaws are more pronounced and angled.
    -Has that slight frown like she is ANGRY and PISSED!

  • anveshtandon
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    anveshtandon polycounter lvl 5
    Amazing Art work. Great!!
    How much time it took you to complete?
  • Shyralon
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    Shyralon polycounter lvl 6
    Fantastic work, especially the fur!
    Also thanks for the breakdown, will try this technique someday :D
  • rodgon
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    rodgon greentooth
    Thanks everyone for the support! I'm glad to know that the breakdown might be useful in some moment. :smiley:
    @anveshtandon, thanks! The workshop took 3 months, so I worked around that time within my free time.
    @Shurkuris, thanks! Thanks for you time to give a very in-depth detail feedback, very helpful.

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