marvelous designer - padded, layered clothes?

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thomasp polycounter

i'm on a quest to fit a men's suit nicely onto an avatar. what's missing now is the padded, edgy shoulders you find on real suits and i'm wondering how to make these in MD so that they hold up in poses in the simulation.

first try was obviously with an avatar that has a shoulder pad prop baked into the mesh but that makes cleanly draping the seam over it damn difficult and the suit shoulder does not lift up from the avatar body in a pose like a real suit would. in fact you can't move the arm much without the seam line moving off target.
so, trying to sew a pad made out of a pattern with stiff fabric applied underneath the suit does not work well - it starts fighting with the outer garment right away and never really settles. layers are set correctly, too. anything that i may have missed in this step?

just doing some ok looking thing and fixing the shoulder shape in zbrush is not an option for this, i'm afraid. would love to just get away with doing that...


  • joebount
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    joebount polycounter lvl 6
    Hey dude :)

    Quick answer : simulate the base without the inflating bit, freeze it and then turn on the inflate on the pattern (that's how I did a puffa jacket)

    PS : hope you're doing well mate :)
  • thomasp
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    thomasp polycounter
    sent you a PM!

    as for the tip about freezing - i did that and it looks good when it settles but as soon as i unfreeze, things go sideways since it now has to work it's way down under the jacket. effect looks interesting, no doubt:)

    problem with having an inflating part under the suit is also that i don't see a way to taper the thickness of it all to give it that sleek look.
    like so - padding would need to increase in thickness gradually so you don't end up with a distinct lump underneath the jacket:

    looking now at modelling it traditionally, animating it with a rig to suit the poses and combining it with the avatar, then in MD pinning the jacket to it.
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