Using textures instead of colors in WorldMachine

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armagon polycounter lvl 6
I've seen some pretty nice landscapes created in WorldMachine and exported as meshes. The normal map is easy to generate, as well the diffuse. But, using the default color nodes in WM doesn't give good results like these:

Does anyone have any ideas on how to do this properly? Thanks for any tips and tricks!


  • armagon
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    armagon polycounter lvl 6
    Hmm. So, there seems to be a texture switch macro:

    But the result don't look as good as those i posted earlier. Maybe the author is hand-texturing that mesh? Can ZBrush or other tools import a splatmap for texturing?

  • EfilOne
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    EfilOne polycounter lvl 2
    Well, what you can try is to use all the mask generators (slope/height), plus masks generated by erosion for example, each plugged into a colorize node, each again plugged in combiners.
     What I usually do is playing with blend modes in the combiner and use the generated masks to their advantages, as you can also plug them in the mask slot of the colorize node :
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