Elixir Bottle

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jose.fuentes polycounter lvl 3
This is a painting that I did for fun, to work on my painting techniques.

Thoughts? Improvements?



  • ROBBOsulsu
    Pretty cool little drawing, definitely something you'd see in games such as Castle Crashers etc. However, my immediate thoughts are that glass is transparent, yet the cork seems to disappear when entering the bottle. True as it may be, this may be my OCD talking, however a keen eye for detail never hurt nobody.
  • gavinli
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    gavinli polycounter lvl 3
    Hi jose.fuentes,

    I agree with ROBBOsulsu this looks like something you'd see in a stylised game with visuals that really pop which is always awesome and fun to look at :)

    For reflective metals such as glass or the gold bird in front (if it is a gold) they generally tend to have quicker transitions between light and dark on the reflections and also edges so there's more contrast when you look at them. It should help the glass not look too matte unless that's the look you were going for.

    The ellipse on the base of the bottle is a little flat compared to the neck of the bottle so the perspective could look stronger if you either flattened the ellipse on the neck or expanded the ellipse on the base to see a more dramatic curve.

    If this were to be an icon it'd be good to stick with large shapes like simplifying the distribution of little dark dots on the cork or simplifying the wings of the bird emblem. Maybe making the wood look more obvious from a distance as though in a stylised fashion. Otherwise if it were for more of an illustration purpose then it might be nice to have some reflections of the bird and cork on the glass itself and also to have some ambient occlusion such as the inner neck of the bottle, areas behind the bird or maybe where the glass joins with the wood?

    Either way you did a fantastic job on this already; it immediately caught my attention as is a pleasant palette for a game for sure :)

    I hope that helps!

    Best regards,

  • jose.fuentes
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    jose.fuentes polycounter lvl 3
    thanks for the feedback guys. I didn't think about the cork through the glass. Ill take a stab at expanding the curve on the base

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