Topogun/3DCoat for hard-surface retopology?

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Is Topogun or 3D Coat a good tool for hard-surface retopology, or mostly for organic stuff? I'm going crazy having to retopo guns and props manually in Maya. :(


  • DireWolf
    3D Coat is solid for any type of surface you throw at it. Topogun was great but it hasn't got any updates/bug fixes in years.

    And I'd like to throw Blender in there as well. Modeling/Retopo in Blender is such a breathe of fresh air coming from Maya myself.
  • a3D
    What does 3D Coat (or Blender) do better than Maya 2016 when it comes to manual retopo? I'm currently working on a project involving the retopo of a vehicle, now said vehicle was made out of nurbs, triangulated and automatically decimated.
    The original undecimated mesh is not available.
    Needless to say, the model is currently an unusable mess, and all pieces are separated, some normals inverted, and polygons overlap everywhere.

    My task consists in making it usable in real time. So I'm going full quad draw, struggling with situations like uneven cylinders that have a different amount of faces on top and bottom.

    Maya works, but it's taking an incredibly long time.
  • pior
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    pior hero character
    In my experience (years of Topogun use, vs some attempts with 3DCoat retopo) Topogun will allow you for a much better control over edges, while 3DCoat has no way to freely divide them. However Topogun relies a lot on click-dragging, which makes it painful for the wrist after extended sessions.
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