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Fozwroth polycounter lvl 7

I'm having issues with the scene not looking the same when rendering a movie or playing from a new window, all other modes are look correct.

Its quite a bummer at the moment since I cant render out my video..

All lighting is dynamic and I am using Distance field soft shadows and AO, I've tried removing post but its still a similar mismatch.
I have a directional light and a skylight in the scene and as i said, all dynamic.
I'm running the 4.7.5 build.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)



  • Arnage
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    Arnage null
    Looks like the engine scalability settings are set too low. If Unreal thinks your computer might be too slow it will try to automatically lower some settings for you.

    If you don't care about performance just set everything back to Epic. (the maximum setting)
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