Beating up or "Arting" up the frame in post FX

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Hi - after GDC I have become very excited by the possibilities of VR and making some art experiences with the technology.

I am looking to complete a simple scene as a proof of concept.

I did a series of digital paintings last year here's one of my favorites:

Most of the others can be seen here if you're interested in scouring through my sketchbook thread :):

I've blocked out a scene in UE4 with placeholder art inspired by this painting:

My goals are as follows please help me to correct my missteps here I am just an artist but I'd like to figure all this out if I can:

Post Effects! - This is my biggest question so far. I want to have a lot of texture in the post FX - graininess - brush stokes "dancing" on the screen etc. Where do I start learning about that? How much can I get away with without being overly expensive? I've made a treatment of what I have in mind - the final would be in motion and informed by the colors and values in the frame. Any ideas to get the following look?:


Animation and FX-
Figure with one or two subtle animated blend shapes of breathing
Smoke FX driven in blueprint by the breathing blendshape?
Spark and Glow FX also driven by breathing

Audio -
Breathing Audio on a loop
Crackling Audio on a loop
Exterior sounds of water/wind - for a white noise effect

Art Assets -
Figure with blendshapes
Fire Nest

Lighting -
Baked mostly and a dynamic fire glow

Mechanics -
Movement very slow and clamped to floor of the dome

Platform -
HTML5? Would be great to have this web based to show around - had some success porting things to html5 but the load times were very high.
Mobile? Again - would be cool to give people a "window" to look into this world.

Thanks for reading! I just need to know what can be accomplished in post FX or any method to get the above painterly look? If you can help me out I would be happy to help you in any way I can - including 3d assets for your projects!
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