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Does anyone have any experience with using flatiron to bake AO maps of levels for game engines? Is it worth the price in your opinion or are there any better alternatives?




  • peanut™
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    peanut™ polycounter lvl 13
    I was thinking about this a whileback and this made a huge fuzz on the net, but i don't think it's that useful. I could be wrong but unless you REALLY have to bake the lightning to a whole lvl on the textures i haven't heard anyone mentioning this app in a longtime.
  • wes.sau
    A few years back we used Flatiron for Gotham City Imposters. Using Flatiron for us was mission critical as our internal engine had no lightmap support of any kind, and overall Flatiron did a fantastic job enabling us to unwrap entire levels and bake directional lightmaps and shadowmaps with Mental Ray.

    Also have to mention that after contacting them with some requests they happily added more maxscript features to interact with Backburner.

    However if you need just AO and don't need to do a lot of unwrapping, and if you have an engine that bakes lighting like Unreal, I would stick with the game engine lighting and avoid the many headaches of external light baking.
  • Mcbeardo
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    Mcbeardo polycounter lvl 3
    We use flatiron asa apart of our pipeline, but not for baking, but for the uvmapping. Id also recomend using the engines bake, unity and unreal both have it built in and its pretty good on both.
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