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Hey Everyone!

We are creating a slum environment pack and demo environment for our Final Major Project at Uni. Hopefully we will create the assets and tools to allow anyone to create a level or environment based in our city or just a generic slum environment. We’re putting a British twist on the city but other than that we are mostly creating modular, reusable asset packs.

The city is set in a large cove providing shelter from the harsh storms and winds experienced on the flat planes above. As time went on the cove has been slowly opened up by the extreme weather and the cliffs have broken down opening the city up to the incredibly harsh waves and storms from the sea. This city is struggling to survive between the windswept heaths and the destructive sea. To protect the city a breakwater was created which had little affect on the huge waves and so an even larger breakwater was created to protect the lucky and wealthy leaving behind a section of the city to face the elements. This is where our level will be situated the slum near Breakwater 31. We watched films like Children of Men, Snowpiercer, District 9, Elysium and have used game worlds such as Half-Life 2, Last of Us and Homefront as reference for various ways to create the depth of world.

Here are some of my concepts so far:





I’m an environment artist and working with me is elliottpacel a technical artist. My main focus is on the material definition, construction of the art assets and building the display level. The assets are going to be realistic and high fidelity for use on PC and VR and LOD-ed enough to run on mobile giving the asset pack a wide scalability.

Elliotts focus is to create the tools to work alongside the assets:
- Building blueprint which will create an easy way to create buildings of varying sizes, wall meshes, materials and colours.
- Spline-based positioning for things like cables, hanging lights, barbed wire and cliff sections.
- Random asset placement system which will allow the user to add meshes and randomly position them to quickly populate areas.
As well as shader and VFX work later on.

You can follow our work over at http://keproject.co.uk


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    Bit of an update, I've been getting some of the base materials down for the asset pack. They are SUPER clean at the moment so they need to be grunged up and worked on but they should provide a solid base to work from.

    I used Substance Designer for most of the materials, some, like the tarpaulin are completely procedurally made in substance.

    I have sculpted the breeze block and feel I need to do the same for the brick. I also want to make a brick variant which is less well constructed for some of the slumstyled buildings so that it looks as if they haven't been there long and aren't particularly well made.







    More materials to make but next up is the tileset to be used with Elliott's building blueprint :)
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    Kobalt Kiwii polycounter lvl 4
    After some crit I have updated some of the materials and started a new one.


    This is the flooring you find betweeen traffic lights in the UK, sometimes its yellow as well so I'm going to do an albedo variant, below is a substance render but will be in engine soon enough


    Building tileset is completely blocked out needs to be made pretty now!
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    Hi. This is looking great. One thing that i am curious about is that, are all the textures on environment screenshot tiling? Or are there any unique textures? I ask because i would like to know if while you work, you manage to save your time by using most times tileable textures.
    Thank you.
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    Kobalt Kiwii polycounter lvl 4
    Update with some of the assets







    Substance Painted Barrier :)




    Any crit or advice would be really awesome! cheers guys and AutoExit we are creating as many tilables as possible to be used in many different areas but things will obviously have to have unique textures to get them to the standard that we want them to be.
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    Kobalt Kiwii polycounter lvl 4
    This is what Elliott has been upto! :D
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