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I have a rigged and animated character in Maya using Advanced Skeleton.

Now I´d like to export the characters Pose at a given keyframe to Marmoset.

The character consists of a group of geometries each with their own textures sets. To be able to apply the shaders in Marmoset, I want to keep them as separate pieces (otherwies I´d just combine the meshes in Maya before exporting.

my problem is, that my model always ends up in Bind Pose in Marmoset...

This is only happening with Advanced Skeleton Rigs.

I tried duplicating the model and deleting its history, but it still ends up in bind pose after export...

I tried all kinds of fbx export variations: with/without input, with/without animation/baked/in/off, deformed models on/off etc.

any help very much appreciated! :poly142:

thanks for your help!


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    Thousand polycounter lvl 5
    just in case someone else is having this problem:

    I found out that for some reason Advanced Skeleton creates some deformation shape nodes that stay attached to the model, no matter if you duplicate it, delete history etc.

    What I did, was selecting the duplicate geo, showing input and ouput connections in hypergraph, selecting the greyed out shape nodes and deleting them.
    This might be a dirty workaround, but now I can export my posed model without having to combine and separate the parts.
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