Student Work thread - feedback appreciated!

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Elithenia polycounter

I started learning 3D modelling in the beginning of Oct 2014 (so about 2,5 months at the time of writing) when I started a degree in Games Art. Here I'm going to post some of the projects I'm working on.

Feedback is most appreciated as I want to get as good as I can =)
I'm still trying to figure out certain basic things, and trying to learn from the mistakes.

current project:
Have a three weeks project on creating a viking model with a shield.
Trying to learn: UV mapping, texturing, high-to-low surface transfer, which is which in the various names of texture mapping, and rendering :)




I know there is some distortion in the UV's but I'm not sure how to make them better if they are still going to be together for a games engine.

As mentioned before, I greatly appreciate feedback and comments so I can learn more!


  • Elithenia
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    Elithenia polycounter
    Tried making some quick render to test out the texture maps I created using the UV in the previous post, but for some mystical reason I cannot get them to work. I get a shift (so a very wide seam is displayed) and the fabric material (supposed to be cotton) is turning into velvet.

    But the eyes look good and I managed to do subsurface scattering so I'm happy about that! :)

  • Brian "Panda" Choi
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    Brian "Panda" Choi quad damage
    At this point, make sure you're using actual references, and post them up so we know what you're referencing while you're working on this. I'm assuming there's no reference because you haven't posted any, and I tend to skim read.

    Retroactively, your clothing folds need to be better, specifically referencing actual viking garb or costume from shows like "Viking."

    As a first step, analyze where folds in the clothing RADIATE from. For example, just look at people wearing jeans, shorts, pants, etc. from existing pictures. You'll notice that the folds seem to radiate from the crotch area and wrap around the sides of the legs as gravity takes them down. It's "movements' like these you should be observing in regards to folds, instead of just attempting to add folds to clothes to make it realistic.

    With your game art degree, don't be satisfied and think the work they give you at uni is enough. It's not going to be enough. If you want to focus on character art, I recommend, on your own time, studying figure drawing to really get a handle on what it means to recreate the human figure.

    For a full model though with someone who's only been doing this for 2.5 months, this is pretty solid.
  • Elithenia
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    Elithenia polycounter
    Yes, you are right. I didn't use any picture references, and I should have. I'll definitely look more closely to the actual garb and its folds! I was rushing the sculpt a bit (and it can be seen so clearly) since this project is only for 3 weeks, but I'll definitely look into the folds more next time! And hopefully I'll have more time next time since I've done it before. Would you recommend me trying to redo it again? And how long do you think this type of sculpt should take? (so I have a goal to aim for)

    I am doing life drawings as much as time allows, and are getting quite ok with recreating what I see. My problem is to recreate things from my mind. And that is where this model is lacking I think from what you said.

    Thank you! :) I'll look into the things you brought up!
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