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I see some good timelapse sculptures out there and have wanted to try making some. Haven't found many tutorials on it - just link rot and paywalls. So I've tried a few times and failed and procrastinated but here I am figuring it out a bit.

Some of this will look wrong but it's what I've put together purely through trial and error - contributions and opinions are welcome. I'll hunt down some good ones and add them to the thread - you are welcome to post ones you find plus your own and all of that good stuff.

My end goal is to make some kind of cheat sheet that will tell you how to set-up and then do one hour sculpting sessions and post them to youtube or vimeo.

Where I'm at so far:

Step 1 - Set your document size to 2x final output

*My target res for youtube is 720p = 1280x720
*So In zbrush I doubled it to 2560 x 1440
and checked the viewport to Document>AAhalf to give a cleaner look.

Step 2 - Set your recording settings under Movie.

*These are what seemed to work ok for me. Note it's set to 50% scale to reduce the capture back down to 1280x720

*You can store these settings by recording 1 frame, saving the movie - then loading it in for quick set-up. Zbrush seems to ignore frame 1 when exporting the movie.

*Pick a good matcap for your session before you begin!

Step 3 - Press timelapse and do work.

*I chose timelapse over the other options for various reasons
*Be mindful of the amount of steps it records. With these settings I seem to get about 1 minute of video per 1000 steps. You can break out multiple sessions of timelapse and edit them together of course.

*Work low to high - I see a lot of people working too dense in their buildup, I hope by showing timelapses to people it sinks in. For this test video I started out around 100k then bumped up my dynamesh res to equal 400k active points then about 900k cyYLAgc.png

*If you're satisfied with the session be sure to "save as" in addition to your exported movie file. It's easy to overwrite or mess it up so make backups.

Step 4 - Do a showcase Turntable

*Center on the model and position for the turntable - make sure you have the correct axis checked under Movie>Modifiers here:qSbZcCk.png and press Turntable

Step 5 - Add some snapshot frames for a final look - Bpr lighting optional

*I don't really know how long snapshots are supposed to last (I thought it was +1 second but I get erratic results) I just add at least 5 to the end for good measure.

Step 6 - Export Movie

Now you have your sculpting session + a turntable and some snapshots on the end. Hit Export - here's the settings I used:


This exports a .mov file pretty typical.

Step 7 - Add music, fancy editing, or just upload to youtube and add music there.

Here's a test after all this - I'll be adding more attempts in the future while refining these settings and info:

[ame=" Test24 11 - YouTube[/ame]

And I hope this helps you make your own and post them up!

Quick thanks to Adam Fisher for this: Asaro Head

I mirrored it and dumbed it down while extending it out into a full bust - been working great as a base mesh!

Here's a relevant tutorial from Nick Z on making your own material and project - http://vimeo.com/28043807


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