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rogelio greentooth
Hi everyone we just opened up the Environment Art Blog. We are excited to share information related to art of making games, specifically about environment art. We currently have two authors Richard Piper and myself. Just wanted to let everyone know this is community effort all for free and hopefully people like it. it is hard finding a single place for Environment Art and just general awesome information. Richard and I will also put plenty of unique content tutorials etc. feel free to send e-mails with recommendations for posts. This blog is still in its early stage and will likely change as it grows.

Richard Piper - Sr. Texture Artist - author

primarily a Texture / 3D Environment Artist within the gaming industry for over 5 years with art credits on Lego City Undercover, Lego Star Wars Clone Wars and The Time Tribe, to name a few. The digital art community is a great place to learn and interact with a variety of artists and skill levels and there is always something new to discover and develop. he hope his posts will help highlight what is happening within our community and hopefully stir up those creative fires.

Rogelio Olguin - Sr Texture Artist - admin author

I have worked for 10 years or so in the game / entertainment industry at places like, Epic Games, Framestore NY, Crystal Dynamics, and NaughtyDog. Currently I am a Sr. Texture Artist at NaughtyDog and have had the pleasure to be part of “The Last of US” now working on “Uncharted 4″ and so far it is a blast working here.

The reason for opening up this blog is to have a place where we can add tutorials, workflows, and general environment art related information for the community. We will also start to collect links of environment artists websites in the community that have really awesome work.



Again all is wip including the name of the site, content will stay and grow so expect changes as we grow.


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