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I wanted to start getting better at color and push myself to work with interesting (uncomfortable) palettes as much as possible. I figured out a way to do it that works for me. I wanted to know what you all thought and if you had any ideas on how to expand the process.

I started this blog:

I'm trying to keep it as simple as possible whenever I find an interesting Palette I throw it up there.

I then use the gradient and swatches while painting.

This is pretty much an ICE WORLD palette. Sampled from a level in Uncharted. You can drag the swatch file into your photoshop swatches and the gradient file into your gradient window (while the gradient tool is active). OR import them manually by browsing to them.

I make a large format gradient like this as a limited palette and sample ONLY from it and the swatches instead of using the color wheel/picker. I block out midtones and shadow and then build up the light.

This makes my speed painting go very fast as I don't need to return to the color wheel or picker - I can even thumbnail in full color now since I can rely on this palette. It's also simply fun to do.

I'll have some example speedpaints of my own using this method posted up soon. If any of you guys want to download the swatches/gradients and try it out for yourself (post the paintings here!) - or if you want to post some images/art here that have great use of color I would love it. Limited palettes seem to work best.

I'll break them down in similar fashion and expand the blog for everyone to use.

I don't know if this is a good idea yet I just know it works for me and it's fun and educational - so please ask questions and share your thoughts and I'll try to refine the idea.



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