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JGreentheRookie polycounter lvl 5
This is my first PBR model. I kept it simple with the materials because I'm still a noob to PBR. :)

Any critique is welcome.




  • Bartalon
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    Bartalon polycounter lvl 6
    It's a nice start, though I'm having trouble identifying some of the materials. Is the green eye piece supposed to be plastic, glass, or some sort of lathed aluminum? I'm seeing a really subtle hexagon pattern and I'm not sure what that's about. If it's supposed to be a painted design, it's far too worn out, and there is no bump information to distinguish it as a separate layer of paint or an engraving or something like that. Right now it looks like it's part of the roughness buildup on the exterior.

    The scrapes on the fins are far too uniform. The flat portions would probably have much less scratching and scraping happening than the edges. Assuming this thing flies like a giant Bullet Bill, the wind resistance of continued flight would likely wear away at the forward-facing surfaces of the vehicle.

    I'm listing functionality as crits because considering how your object is used, how old it is, where it's been, etc. is important when trying to sell your material definition.

    A small non-material crit would be that the fins don't have any visible indication of how they are mounted to the body, or if they are coming out from inside the chassis or something like that.

    You should post your maps too.
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