Basement Scene(old polycount noob challenge)

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DeepSpaceBanana greentooth
Hey guys i've been working on this noob challenge environment this month, if u guys have any feedback that would be super, also i've been having some issues with scale, I try to build things slightly larger in scale to match the FPS view, but when i do this some objects jsut seem proportionally imbalanced compared to the scene...I hope that makes sense, if u have any thoughts on that please let me know..





  • Cay
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    Cay polycounter lvl 4
    Well first thing that comes to my mind is about lighting.. you don't want to have pitch black areas. Constrast is a good thing but pure white or black are not good at all.
    Try using cold lights to set a black level(moon light sort of) and once you are happy with the result start to introduce warm lights (the actual lights).
    Somebody correct me if he knows a better approach.

    edit: here's an image showing what I mean
  • DeepSpaceBanana
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    DeepSpaceBanana greentooth
    @Cay definitely needs work and im still figuring out the lighting system in UE4..for some reason im not able to control it as much as i could with udk..i just need to do some more research and get that going.Oh and thnks a bunch for the gif
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