Want to downsize my tablet

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Isaiah Sherman polycounter lvl 9
My Intuos 4 has served me very well and I want to keep it for my desktop. It’s the medium size which was like… 13” wide or something. It fits great on my desk.

However I just bought a laptop and I wanted to get a smaller one. I see they now call Intuos the “Pro” and Bamboo is “Intuos.”

The issue is the smallest “Pro” is still pretty large, 12.6” wide… mostly because of the extra buttons on the side I never use.

The smallest Intuos is 8.3” wide, but since it’s technically a Bamboo, so it has fewer levels of pressure sensitivity (and possibly missing other important features I’m unaware of?)

Has anyone tried both an Intuos (Bamboo) and a Pro? Is could you feel any difference in the pressure sensitivity?


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