UTMC: Concept Art "Q&A" Thread

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adam polycounter lvl 13
This thread is for you to ask questions you have regarding the contest, it's theme, rules, and everything in between. Folks at Epic will be on hand to help answer the questions.

As always, when we answer your questions we will be editing your own post with the answer written in blue.


  • leleuxart
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    leleuxart polycounter lvl 6
    I'm not sure if I'm overlooking it, or even overthinking it, but is the contest limited to 1 theme/person? For instance, what if I wanted to take one of the provided screenshots and do different themes, like the Liandri, Nali, overgrown, UT2k4 Egyptian, UT3 Necris, etc.?

    If we're allowed to do that, would we still need individual threads for each separate style then?

    Answer: Individual threads/submissions will be required here. You're more than welcome to do what you're asking, they would just need to be considered as separate entries from one another.
  • wez

    1. Is one theme a level? or can we do 3 separate levels?

    2. Can we make more than one theme if it is Theme = level?

    Answer: Themes and levels are different. For this contest, the 'theme' is whats important. And you have up to 3 images to show your concept for that theme. Whether you show it in a level, a broad painting, or however you'd like is up to you.
  • frit
    Is this contest limited to environment concept art?

    Ideally, yes. We're trying to get styles defined for the overall look of the levels in this challenge. I would LOVE to say that you can do characters or weapons or whatever, but that would cloud the entries and make judging more difficult. So ... just environments this time around, please!

    And how exactly does this contest differ from the work that has been done on UT's development forums?

    It's organized and there are prizes. :) Basically, we're formalizing the process that's started to happen on the forums organically. In this case, we wanted things to be a little more directed so we provided themes and level screenshots to get you started.

    -Warren @ Epic
  • Zimuus
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    Zimuus polycounter lvl 3
    Do you have any plans in the future to showcase off some runner ups?
    It would suck to only have 2 (possibly one) winners and the rest forgotten. How sad :[

    There won't be a small set of winners here. We'll use any and all artwork that we feel hits the marks we're looking for. Anyone who contributes artwork we like will be included in the art book and get credit in the game itself.

    A selected few will get the iteration and feedback with our art director, Chris Perna.

    Polycount has some prizes of their own that they are awarding and of course the console can only go to one person. That's up to the judgement of Polycount.

    -Warren @ Epic
  • Helix
    Who owns the rights of the submitted artwork done for this challenge?

    The artist stills owns the artwork but will license it to Epic for use in the game and inclusion in the art book.

    -Warren @ Epic
  • Two Listen
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    Two Listen polycounter lvl 9
    Regarding thread naming convention - should we exclusively stick to "UTMC - [Theme Name]", or can we run with "UTMC - [User Name]" as is often seen in other polycount contests?

    I'm a stranger to level concepts, but experience tells me a lot can change in the "defining the theme" stage, and I would feel silly naming my thread after my very first thought.

    Edit: Further reading above, looks like you're trying to organize by theme - with separate ideas/themes by the same person requiring separate threads. I'll assume then that my brainstorming should be done out of thread, possibly with the work leading up to the chosen theme being posted in the theme thread once I've settled on one.

    ANSWER: Feel free to use your user name :) I'll update the page accordingly.
  • carlospozo
    helo, how i get permission to make new threads?
  • Kaya
    What are the guidelines for the final image (size, contest logo etc)?
  • codexe
    I have the same question that had carlospozo
  • adam
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    adam polycounter lvl 13
    Kaya -- I'll do a PSD tonight and upload it for everyone to use. As for resolution, I reckon its whatever you're comfortable with. Since there's potential for it to be featured in an art book, the higher the resolution the better
  • Gooba
    Since part of the prize for the winners is feedback from Chris Perna, does that mean that he can't give feedback on the UT forums anymore?

    No, that's really up to Chris. He probably won't be chiming in on Polycount, tho. At least until this challenge is over. In the spirit of competition, however, it would feel liking cheating to me to try and get him to comment on work over there that you're posting here.

    Just my 2 cents. :)

    - Warren @ Epic

    EDIT: Sorry, I should of specified. I wasn't really concerned about the contest aspect, I was asking more about the other concept work like characters and weapons.

    Oh, weapons and characters, sure! - Warren @ Epic
  • MMKH
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    MMKH polycounter lvl 6
    Can we show a bit of level design as it relates to UT's gameplay in our WIP? Like how the map is structured, where weapon and powerups might be located, how to navigate the terrain, etc.

    Add as much or as little as you want of that sort of thing. If it's important to your concept, then it would be smart to include it. We're more looking for visual direction than game play at this point but, as I said, if it impacts your concept - sure!

    - Warren @ Epic
  • HTV
    Can we update or re-submit final submissions? Say, for example, I submit illustrations in the finals thread a week before the due date but later on want to re-post an art "update" a day before deadline.

  • sulraen
    What about matte paint? May I use my own photo in concept, or it must be only painting?

    Don't use anything copyrighted if you're going to use photos. Using photos is fine just make sure you have the rights to use them.

    - Warren @ Epic
  • HTV
    Can we submit 3 variations of the same theme and shopw wips in the same WIP thread?

    For example, I'm doing a fish market theme but now I have two more fish market designs in mind. They share similarities (island and boat tunnels) but also differences (one is enclosed, another has a more spread out layout).

    Just checking.

    Sure, I don't see why not. When you submit, you'll probably have t make 3 separate submissions but using the same WIP thread for all 3 should be fine if they're all closely related to each other.

    - Warren @ Epic
  • R
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    If I created a new thread and uploaded my concept art, how can i attach the link to "UTMC: Concept Art 'Final Submission' Thread"? This is a bit complicated. Will The jury of epic games and polycount forum notice my concept arts? Sorry for stupid questions. Must i paste the weblink my concept arts here or anywhere?

    While appreciated, this initial challenge is mainly for environment art. If you want to post other concept art, consider the Unreal Tournament forum art section. You can get feedback and iterate there if you'd like! We may do a more official character focused challenge in the future.

    - Warren @ Epic

    Thank You for your answer!
  • LandSknecht
    How will collages and groups of thumbnails work with submissions? Would six panels in one image still be considered one image? I'm not trying to game the system, I'm just curious. Thanks!

    Not really something we'd considered but if the thumbnails were all exploring a unified theme, I think that could work. It would be hard to judge 6 thumbnails of radically different themes in a single image, IMO.

    - Warren @ Epic
  • FirebornForm
    I have a few questions as well.

    1 What's more important to Epic in this contest, rougher very interesting ideas or polished visuals?

    2 Can we continue developing new concepts or refine our ideas even after the contest is over, and would Epic still consider them after the contest ends?

    3 Can we include a synopsis of the theme or ideas for level mechanics on what sort of ideas we have along with the final, or keep that to the WIP thread?

    4 How helpful to Epic would it be for us to post our references along the WIP thread or finals?

    Thank you for your time :)
  • wheel_
    Same question as carlospozo and codexe, how do I get permission to create a thread?

    Sorry for repeating it, but it's been 3 weeks and there's no answer posted. Am I running into new account limitations?

  • Charnettex
    I was wondering if we had to have the final piece done by Aug 4th or if we just had to have the WIP thread up by that date? I'm very very new to ploycount so I'm not use to the contests here so sorry if this is dumb question!
  • FirebornForm
    Charnettex it's finals by Aug 4th, the WIP thread is required to keep up on it to show your work so you can prove you created the piece during the contest instead of using some artwork already created.
  • korpehn
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    korpehn polycounter lvl 6
    Hey guys! I don't have permission to start a WIP thread? Any suggestions?
  • FirebornForm
    Korpehn, that's due to Polycount's anti-spam. You have to make a post in the "New member introduction" thread here. http://www.polycount.com/forum/showthread.php?t=63361 Until then, and after the admins get around to activating your account you wont be able to do anything. I had the same thing at first and I couldn't talk to anyone for a week

    Edit: looks like you got it sorted out. Good luck!
  • chucklepunch
    I noticed a lot of people posting their finals already. The deadline isn't until tomorrow night, right?
  • MMKH
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    MMKH polycounter lvl 6
    I noticed a lot of people posting their finals already. The deadline isn't until tomorrow night, right?

    I'm aware of that myself but just prefer to not leave it to the very last minute. :)
  • chucklepunch
    Im having problems to open my thread of work in progres. I just cant do it. I followed al steps carefully: registration, activation and first post. What is the problem? Why Im recieving an error when I try to open a thread?
  • Gharkash
    Hey guys, i just want to make sure that my research is sound, gmt-7 august 4th at 23:59 is 9:59 am august 5th at gmt+3 (greece), right? As a professional procrastinator i am working hours before the deadline and i want to be sure when to submit. Thanks in advance.
  • FirebornForm
    Hey Gharkash. You're seven hours ahead of me (East coast USA) the contest HQ is held in the west coast of USA (PST). I'm 3 hours ahead of them so you're 10 hours ahead of the HQ. Your math is correct, good luck!
  • Gharkash
    Thanks man, same to you if you participate.
  • Loginus
    TOROYD: I don't know if that is the case, but one of the requirements for the competition was to create and maintain a WIP thread, so I think creating one a few hours just before the deadline defeats the purpose of the competition from polycounts standpoint - you might just as well post the final image.
  • miNze
    I know we still own the rights on our paintings but are we allowed to show our finals in other forums, portfolio sites or facebook?
  • Sly.
    What the heck... Why was the final submission thread just closed?

    I just wanted to submit my stuff and given my calculation, it should be Monday, August 4th 2014, 21:27 - aka 9:27PM right now! The deadline is 23:59, why can't I participate anymore?

    I'm not exactly pleased...

    It even states it here.
    The deadline for entries is August 4th, 2014 23:59 PST (GMT -7).

  • Gharkash
    Any one else getting "about:blank" when trying to reach the submission page?
  • FirebornForm
    Bad form by Polycount. Sorry guys, but the most noise we make about this should get attention. I would PM Adam who shut the thread down but hes offline.
  • salvataz
    Anybody know why the submission thread was closed an hour and a half early, at 10:22? I feel pretty terrible right now. According to the rules page, I still have over an hour. My final image has been posted in my WIP thread. Don't really know what else to do.
  • Sly.
    Post it in the early closing submission thread, maybe some of us will at least have some chance.

    Good luck to everyone, we'll need it. :poly121:
  • FirebornForm
    Welp I've gone through the whole forum, I posted all of the people MIA. Unless they update it before the deadline in a half hour, then thats all they're goin to get for an unofficial final submissions thread
  • salvataz
    Thanks, Fireborn and Sly.
  • sativieans
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    sativieans polycounter lvl 5
    I've been trying to submit my piece for the UT challenge but the link provided on the contest page doesn't work (http://www.polycount.com/utmc-concept/). it's sending me to this link ([url]http:///[/url])

    where or who should I send my entry to?
  • FirebornForm
    Hey Sativeans, that's a cool concept I'm not sure what it is but the reason you're getting that link error is because they locked the thread and you can't make any more posts in it. (at least thats what I think.

    You cant post officially, but you can try your hand at unnoficially.

    Right now it's past the deadline by 30 minutes so it's going to be pretty grey-area if you get counted. How long have you been trying to submit for? When you made your post it seems like you were 15minutes late past the deadline.
  • sativieans
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    sativieans polycounter lvl 5
    thanks FirebornForm,

    I've been trying to post around 11:50pm PST, but realized the link was broken. midnight pass as I was searching for Q&A to the link, guess I'll try the unoffical tread.

  • FirebornForm
    As long as you're telling the truth that's still within the deadline. I'm more likely to side with that you are telling the truth, there was some big error on moderation when the contest was closed hours earlier than it should have been so the link would be dead for hours.
  • FirebornForm
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