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Isaiah Sherman polycounter lvl 9
I need hardware suggestions for new tower, if you have a bit of spare time and enjoy putting together links for hardware (I used to do this for friends as a teen).

I haven't built a new tower in almost 6 years and finally feel it's time to get a new one.

Since it's been so long, I don't remember some key things about which hardware to pair together, such as RAM and mobo.

Don't need:

SSD as primary
Backup HDD
Nvidia card

Budget $1000-$1500 (if you can put together a tower for even cheaper, that's even better!). I usually got all my stuff from Newegg, but if a new site has surfaced that sells great stuff for good prices then please share.

Just looking for someone to provide me with a set of links for all the major components and I'll buy and build it myself.

HDD (backup):
Video card:
Power Supply:
Total Price:

Or if you guys know of any premade powerful towers for a good price, I'd check those out too.

Thanks for helping!



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