Princess Peach: Mario Kart Redesign

Hey all, i'm redesigning Princess Peach in her Mario Kart motorcycle gear, with her "Mach Bike" I'm making her a bit more realistic etc etc

Would love to get a bit of feedback, especially regarding the direction i'm heading in. I'm leaning towards a punky "suicide girl" biker chick sort of thing.

Gonna take it to game-ready model and possibly animate her a bit.

Cheers :]




  • iheartmyself
    Couple of other bits. Took the bike into keyshot, needs moar things. Anddd i'm trying out the GMH2 hair plugin for Maya. [havent used Maya in about 3 years....I miss max]


  • Port-Seven
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    Port-Seven polycounter lvl 5
    I don't see anything really to hint that it's Princess Peach... other than the fact that it's in your title. Where's her little crown and that jewel thing on the front of her costume? It looks like a regular biker chick, which is great, but you're going to have to work some obvious details in there to get your audience to identify on their own who this is supposed to be regardless of the style. Even if you texture her outfit pink that's probably not enough to hint at who she is. I don't think the hair is working in your favour with this in mind. Peach has very distinctive bangs that flip out to the side and much longer hair. Just my two cents. The bike looks like it's coming along.
  • Nerf Bat Ninja
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    Nerf Bat Ninja polycounter lvl 7
    Technically I think the work is looking awesome (the model so far is top notch) and I love the premise, but I'm going to have to agree with ol' Port-Seven and say that nothing is really screaming Princess Peach to me. I suppose a lot of that will start to make more sense when you add a ton of pink to everything and give her a super sick mushroom themed sleeve tattoo.
  • iheartmyself
    I was thinking of putting the crown onto a hairclip or something, I dont think I'll be able to just slap a crown on her head - can't see that fitting in haha.
    I was gonna include the gem thing as a locket, but havent really thought about it.

    I get the point about the hair, I did a paintover on the right of something a little more in the direction of the original concept. I'd still like to keep the side cut though. I'll lengthen up the general length of it as well.

    Not sure if this helps, but i've added some colours to the sculpt. Cheers for the feedback :]

  • NegevPro
    Looks great, it's definitely an improvement. I'm sure you could help sell the image of it being princess peach by making a mario themed bike design, but it'd probably be best to try and include a few more details on the character first. Maybe a mario tattoo or nosering? lol

    I'm curious to see where you take this though, seems like a really unique idea!
  • Port-Seven
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    Port-Seven polycounter lvl 5
    If you decide to model out a helmet for her maybe you could work the crown motif in somehow, like a custom printed design on the top/side. She is a princess after all. ;)
  • iheartmyself
    Port-Seven: Tru dat XD, I might give her sunglasses resting on the top of her head, so it looks like a tiara at first glance. Will try it out when I get in.
    Helmet is also an idea, can always have her holding it or have it placed on the seat if its not on her head.

    I think the bike design will probably help sell it as well. I was originally going to go with a motorcross theme and have it covered in nintendo themed sponsors but went with the cafe racer look instead.

    Cheers :D
  • Fenyce
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    Fenyce polycounter lvl 4
    ATM I'm not getting much Peach-feelings from her. She seems more like a random girl to me. The color is helping a little, but I think her face could use work.


    Maybe you should think about reimagining the face a little. I think a more realistic Princess Peach would still have a small/thin and pointy nose and big eyes. And overall some childish traits, just a little.

    I know you're aiming for that "bad-ass chick", but what I'm talking about is a recognizeable redesigned princess peach.

    But maybe that's just my opinion.

    Edit: However, the design you're going for looks interessting, but I wouldn't recognize Peach at first sight. I guess that's what I'm trying to say.
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