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Ok, here is something that I would like to contribute to the community! =D
It's a topic generator for coming up with topics for speedpainting.
Download ->

Me and some colleagues at work were using the 3CH generator, wich is great, but we were put of by the fact that the formula for the topics were set in stone. So I decided to try some programming and with some help from my colleagues Boxkitty's topicgenerator was born!

This is how it works:
1, tic one or many boxes. The boxes represent complexities of the topic sentence. If you only tic one box, your topic will be generated with that category. If you tic more then one box, it will be random.

2, press the big button to let Boxkitty generate the topic for you! Great for those lunch speedpainting sessions! The text in front of the actual topic ("complex 3/3" in the picture below) is just a debug feature that I have left in for now. It just says that the topic was generated from the "complex" category and that out of three formulas in that category, you got the third one.


Now download, paint and edit the generator if you so wish. Adding/removing words are as easy as editing a text file. I also left the wip psd's in the download if you wanna place your own backgrounds and so on. Some of the words used are carried over straight from 3CH and the rest are new.

Happy generating! And feel free to ask questions and show paintings =)

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