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thomasp polycounter
hi guys,

i'm on the lookout for a new image viewer (windows-based) that is suited to CG work. i'd like to be able to view EXR's and images with bit depths higher than 8 per channel. i'd also like it to handle images with alphamasks nicely. toggle-able display of RGB and A and preferably giving me a choice as to if the alpha channel should be applied to the image by default or not.
it would also need to offer an image browser and be fast with large-ish images (4k at the least).

off the top of my head i do not a single app that qualifies. most render the alpha into the image by default, some don't handle EXR, i've encountered weird display of 16bits per channel and incredible slowness with bigger image dimensions.

is there any secret sauce out there? perhaps somebody reading this works in a VFX facility - those should have requirements similar to mine - and can tell me what kind of image viewer you guys are using?

i'm on faststone and classic xnview with a bit of picasa for reference browsing if that matters. that combo sucks for my purposes.


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