Game character. Feedback?

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Croftyness polycounter lvl 6
I'm an almost-two-year uni student, and looking to put this into my portfolio for internships in year 3. What's your thoughts?
Still WIP, Plan on having it fully functioning in game.



  • garriola83
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    garriola83 polycounter lvl 10
    The elements in the clothing looks all muddy and undiscernable. It all looks like its still in the clay stage, for example, the zipper doesnt look like a zipper that was made/manufactured separate from the cut of the cloth. The hair...I would sculpt on a different subtool for more freedom and control, so when I move it around, the scalp doesnt come with the maneuver. Folds need work, need more variation and use a reference when doing so. The crotch seems too tight, is this a tennis player? Show references too when showcasing something in the works. Other than that, keep going. If he's an athlete, I would sculpt more tone but not size/mass. Good luck.
  • The_Blenderer
    Length-wise the proportions are almost within acceptable range and anatomy seems decent but something seems off about the muscle and bone structure on the legs and pelvis, like it is not fully realized, maybe examine also width proportions.

    Tell us more about the concept and what settings he fits into..
  • AlbinLundahl
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    AlbinLundahl polycounter lvl 5
    I really like alot of elements of your topology of the torso :) Agree about the muddiness of the details and anatomy though.
  • josh.0
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    josh.0 polycounter lvl 5
    The face is very feminine, the upper body is very masculine, and the lower body is very feminine. The neck is thick, but long like a woman's.

    If you are going for a strong looking female, then I would suggest finding references, because it's a very difficult physique to pull off.

    I honestly couldn't tell you what gender this character is supposed to be. The pecs read as if they belong on a man, they do not read as breasts. The forearms are huge. The hips seem narrow for an adult woman.

    Please tell us the age and gender of the character.
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