TriggerHappyPuppy´s blacksmith workshop

[size=+3]- TriggerHappyPuppy´s workshop items - [/size]

pow pow slam like a blacksmith!

[size=+2]These items are currently collecting dust in the dota 2 workshop[/size]

The Watcher - Outworld Devourer Set
version 1
version 2

Keymaster from the deep - Slardar Set

Grave for a King - Skel King Sword

Seeds of the Goddess - Nature's Prophet Staff

dire and radiant wards



Plane shifter
Nest of Spirits

[size=+2]slam bam pow - Work in Progress in the smithy[/size]

- A whole set for the Grave for a King, the weapon will also be redone.
- A new horse and armor for the Keeper of the light

- I see you all on the battlefield - love, SebastiaBastian -


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