My contribution to the misrepresentation of females in videogames solution!

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Responding to two posts by Hazardous today. Your advice to artists post was great Haz so thanks for that!

I decided to bring this character away from the Houdini/Mixamo contest which didn't end well (for me) thanks to my failure/desire to understand Houdini.

So, I'll just post here as a preview and do a few more polish passes before presenting the final asap. Feedback welcome.

While I don't think my character is a solution to anything but my design decisions might be relevant to the topic - Prior to the recent debates going on I took it upon myself to design a female character (a cyberpunk bodyguard as my rough story goes) And give her a costume that seemed realistic to the character.

To do this, I looked at Women's fashion blogs - a lot. For example And tried to think about what my character would choose to wear and why. I arrived at "Prada/Motorcycle". Fashionable, dark - mixed with protective gear (protection from stabbing, blunt force, and electrocution mostly).

She's also meant to get a bike to ride while escorting her client - I plan to do that soon.

Final High-Res rendered in BPR


Low poly WIP rendered in Marmoset

Test Walk Cycle - Rigged using Mixamo Auto rigger - But I feel I have to re-rig by hand to get the jacket to look acceptable. More bones for jacket.

Up next - Improve the face a bit, Texture pass overall. Then final presentation sheets.


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