[Portfolio] Handpainted textures and Environment concepts

My name is Pontus Ullbors and im looking for some feedback on my porfolio which i just got up and running: www.ullbors.com

Don't know if it's kinda wierd to just have environments and handpainted textures.
But thats what i enjoy doing the most and hopefully what i'll get to work with when(if) i get a job :)

C&C would be very appreciated!


  • JamieRIOT
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    Ah yeah, some real nice work in there. If you didn't make the model you painted the textures for, perhaps note that somewhere, or put a small 'model by...' tag and the bottom of the pitures perhaps. Keep it up, I really like your style.
  • pixelb
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    pixelb polycounter lvl 6
    Very nice, thanks for sharing. I don't think having just hand painted models and environments is too little at all, and I like the layout of your website, it's clean and simple (but why no resume?)

    You SHOULD mention if they're not your models, but I'd hope you're using original models in the first place, as it's a skill expected to come along with texturing. To that end, you should also have wireframe/untextured shots of the models.
  • _DMage_
    Epic texturing you got there five stars from me :D ★★★★★
  • Twoflower
    Thanks for the kind comments! :)

    Agreed, should add some kind of tag for the models i haven't done.
    The turtle model is the only model of those in my portfolio i haven't touched.
    The red flying guy, the dragon shrine and the pedistals for the other pieces are done completly by me.
    The girl and the penguin were modeled by another student. She gave the models to me after they were relativly completed. Had to spend a day on the girl to clean up the model and abit less on the penguin. i also reworked some parts of the model. So i don't really know how to tag these two models, should it say that i did a colab on the model and then did the texturing myself?

    hmm maybe i should add a resume then. It's just that i don't have anything relevent to put in the resume except that im a second year student at an university game art program
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