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Hi all!

I've been seriously considering applying for an internship at Insomniac Games this summer (despite living in the UK ahh). I've got my eye on an art position but I've been really pushing myself to learn 3D modelling as a bonus since... well, it's a game company and I assume 3D will be a huge part of the work heh.
I've been getting tips from Neolight and he said it would be a good idea to try to design some beasties and model them as if they were for one of IG's games, so that's what I've been trying to do.

Here is my first beastie, they're pretty much like glowy lamp posts that live in caves:


And the second (this one is currently work in progress), a beastie that uses his hat saws to dig into the rocks:


This is a quickie paint job of what I want the final scene to be like:


I would like to ask- when you paint your textures, how do you get them so neat and nice looking on the UV map? Mine always look like a complete jumble sale haha.
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