40k Space Wolves Venerable Dreadnought

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Alright, finally a new post in ages. I'm going to be updating this on a weekly basis as I only really have time to work on this during the weekends.

This my personal take on a Space Wolf Venerable dreadnought. Trying to only stick somewhat to the original design and create my own variant. It's also an excuse to practice some hard surface modeling.

Main Ref:

WIPs (high poly):


  • iniside
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    iniside polycounter lvl 6
    If I can give some advice. I wouldn't bother with modeling detailed high-poly (unless you really want to show off HP models).
    I learned it hard way while modeling Stormblade (hi fellow WH40K fan :D).

    What I would do instead is model basic unique HP with big details, then LP and bake it. Then I would add all smaller details with nDO.

    I was getting really mad when my bakes wasn't clear enough because rendered couldn't catch all those small things I wanted with perfect angle (not to mention it took ages to bake).
  • deutschbag
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    deutschbag polycounter lvl 6
    Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, the high poly is definitely only there for the sake of presentation (also, it's really fun to model hehe) I love using nDo, and it will definitely be used for most of the smaller details.
  • deutschbag
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    deutschbag polycounter lvl 6
    Didn't get very much done over the holidays due to work and family and whatnot, but here is a small update.
  • redbranch
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    redbranch polycounter lvl 11
    I like it, but the big skull at the front is blocking the Dreadnought's view. The old Dreads have almost a Marine helmet mounted where you've put the skull (see your ref photo). So you need to figure a way of having the skull mounted there while still allowing for the pilot to see. Maybe have one of the Space Wolf chaplain style helmets there that have a wolf snout on the nose piece.
    Your call anyway.

  • _DeadPixel_
    Got a total nerd-on right now...My only crit is that you picked Space Wolves instead of The Crimson Fists, c'mon man, d'hell were you thinking? ;)
    Looking great so far, throw some wires up!
  • tolae
    Looking awesome so far, liking it! Space Wolves is one of the best chapters, just don't fall to the inner wulfen...
  • deutschbag
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    deutschbag polycounter lvl 6
    Thanks for the feedback! I took your feedback on the skull and added some techy stuff around it. Just a tiny update today, but I'm beginning to like where this is going.

    Also, I've decided to go into a traditional Norse direction with all the decorations. It meant not be true to to the 40k universe, but hell Space Wolves are Space Marine Vikings, so it will still read. I came across this artist who mixes traditional Norse decorative art with contemporary ideas. I think he has become my favorite. His work will serve as great inspiration for this project. Have a look:


    Anyway, here are two pics

  • joshmtyler
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    joshmtyler polycounter lvl 5
    Hey Jan! For a doper bake, Give those hard edges a bit more rounding. :) I just mean accentuation the edges instead of that razor sharp hard edge you've got there.
  • deutschbag
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    deutschbag polycounter lvl 6
    Oh hai Josh. And for sure. There are still a lot of parts that are still in the blockout phase which haven't been beveled yet.
  • deutschbag
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    deutschbag polycounter lvl 6
    Hey everyone, here is a long needed update. At this point the hard surface parts are as good as done, the organic are parts are just blocked out as they will be treated later on in Zbrush.

    I also started sketching out some of the ornamentation.

    Also, some parts had to improvised as I don't have the miniature in front of me and finding reference for certain parts and angles proves to be rather difficult. (If you can point me to any that'd be awesome!)

    Anyway, any thoughts and critiques are much appreciated!
  • deutschbag
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    deutschbag polycounter lvl 6
    Here's an update! Finished the high poly for now. Left the banner, but i'll return to this later. Here are some VRay renders.
  • maximumsproductions
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    maximumsproductions polycounter lvl 6
    Looks great, only parts that look off to me are the red/blue light(s) and the skull and teeth. I feel it looks off because the skull being the focal point, it's very bland in noise detail when right next to it is an extremely noisey shoulderpad (not saying the noise is bad, it looks wonderful. But when they're side by side it looks off)
  • Der Hollander
    I'm really not digging the skulls and the barrels on the assault cannon. You need to run the skulls through a sculpting pass to make them look more like bone, right now they look like they were made out of modelling clay. Get some chiseled features in there for sure. As far as the gun barrels, they just look thin and frail. If 40k is anything, it is not thin nor frail. big, chunky details are what you're after.

    Also, Upon further inspection, I'm noticing that a lot of your detail work is 90 degree angles, which won't bake well at all if you're going to shoot for game res on this thing.

    It's definitely an interesting take on Space Wolves style, I hope I get ot see this finished.
  • deutschbag
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    deutschbag polycounter lvl 6
    Excellent feedback guys! Exactly what I was looking for.

    Now that I look at it I certainly agree about the thickness of the barrels, that will definitely be changed for the game model. Good catch!

    All edges in this model are actually beveled, but it seems not enough to be too noticeable. That will be change for the bake.

    I did sculpt the skull, but ran them through decimation master to get them into Maya, a lot of detail unfortunately got lost in the process :/

    In terms of noise, and such. I'm relatively new to VRay, so a lot of this has been a learning experience for me.

    It will be a while til I can return to this one, as I have some obligations with other projects, but I vow I will finish this!
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