48h Game Jam - Give Us The Funk

Give Us The Funk.
A funked Up Story About One Mans Rise To The Top
is a game i and a couple of friends made for a game jam at our local University.
quick explanation of the game:
Your goal is to reach the top of the building to confront THE MAN that now controls all funk(this worlds energy source).
You will reach the top by jumping on platforms.
If you time your jump correctly on the platform with the moment that the platform starts to give a light effect you will do a combo jumb and jump higher.
The Long platforms that goes across a building is checkpoints but you will have to jump on the them to acquire that checkpoint.

If you have 10-15 minutes to kill you should check it out! :)
If you reach the top there is a short animation waiting for you.

Some screenshots from our game.

soo tired atm, need sleeps
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