Acktung! Das Maschinenkrieger!

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Hey guys.

This started out as a school exam thing and I've recently picked it up again to finally bring it to completion. I'm at a stage where I'd probably benefit from some critique, so hit me :)

I'll be updating this thread with my progress over the next weeks.

Oh, forgot to mention the texture sizes - we were allowed up to 4096x4096, so they're atrociously high right now. the Main body clocks in at 4096x2048, and the stuff on the back is a 2048 texture. Everything put together adds up to around 13,300 tris.

Last Update: this is where I'm at right now. Scroll down for more of these recent screengrabs


OLDER screens:










Texturewise this reference pic served as an inspiration (among others)

(link to the image:


  • respawnrt
    Imo too much of that noisy black texture work ! I would look into adding dust, which should not be black of course, and some leaks from water and liquids which should also bee more in gloss map.I would also sugest making it a bit more glossy, i think it looks a bit too diffuse right now.Oh and i hate white but if that's what you want :p.I would also look in putting some lights in marmoset and relying on just the env lighting i think that makes things looks a bit flat :).And leave some breathing room for highlings on the more curved surfaces :).
  • RMeeks
    A search for SF3D should find you tons of references. You pretty much mentioned everything that I took note of. Perhaps you could put a cage of sorts on the back to hold stuff.
  • cptSwing
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    cptSwing polycounter lvl 5
    Updated pics in the first post! Go ahead and rip me a new one!

    respawnrt: I've toned down the noise a little.. leaks i've added around the panels on the main body, but would they really show up in the gloss? I'd figure residue from leaks to be quite dull.
    The white's staying for now ;)
    I hope the lighting is a little better now.

    RMeeks: Thanks man, yeah mostly plastic models which don't help with material definition really, tis a shame. There are some great modelers though. As for the cage, yeah I'd thrown the idea out at the time because I was in a rush to finish it - it might look more realistic than the strange cabling rig I have setup right now, though.

    And oops. Overwrote the original pictures, so no way to track progress. I'm a bit of an idiot at times.
  • cptSwing
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    cptSwing polycounter lvl 5
    A little bump and a video making fun of germany. And why not, I ask of you.

    [ame=" - YouTube[/ame]
  • Tobbo
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    Tobbo polycounter lvl 5
    Achtung! not Acktung. Haha, sorry couldn't resist. :P This looks pretty cool.
  • respawnrt
    I always add leaks and shit :D on dirty stuff i think it looks great if finetuned from gloss and spec and maybe a little diffuse buuut just a little :).Heh maybe colored version in dlc :P
  • cptSwing
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    cptSwing polycounter lvl 5
    Thanks for the replies guys!

    Tobbo: Keine Angst, ich weiss ;-)

    respawnrt: Thanks man - I'll give that a try on the main body somewhere ;)
  • ZombieWells
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    ZombieWells polycounter lvl 7
    cool model man! the stuff that I would crit you on is your textures, and organic modeling, (the backpack, roll-up, and ammo box... ect.) for that see, and for your textures I did a quick 10 min paint over. I was trying to see what direction you where going with it and improving upon that. I would try to make more sense of the wear and tear of things, and how they are used, what kind of grime develops ect. Anyhow hope it helps.

  • Ashaman73
    At least call you model Der Maschinenkrieger . Even better to take a male name instead of EMMA, which is a female name, in this case you should call your model Die Maschinenkriegerin . :poly124:
  • cptSwing
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    cptSwing polycounter lvl 5
    ZombieWells: Wow, thanks a bunch - that really helped. I might have been a little timid with the grunge'n scratches, so I spent some more time there. Might have to revisit the color variations in the outer paint job yet again.

    And yeah, the backpack and bedroll are the weakest parts of the model, I agree. Slammed them together quickly during my exam and it shows. ;)

    Haha.. many armies and soldiers christen their wargear with female names.. ;-)

    So anyway, here are some new screens, I've also worked on roughing up the leather a little, and added more decals'n stuff.


    Thanks again everybody, your input is much appreciated.
  • cptSwing
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    cptSwing polycounter lvl 5
    A tentative little bumpity-bump and another Conan video because I can.

    [ame=" Germany - YouTube[/ame]
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