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Hey everyone! For a school project I'm working on a hand painted level with specific restrictions, though somewhat lenient. 4096 texture space usage per map (eg; none of the diffuse textures combined can exceed 4096, but does not include normal maps, which are separate). Also the entire map cannot exceed 250,000 tris, so I'm somewhat limited as far as incredibly detailed models for the size of my map. Remember, this is WIP so here's what I have so far!


Let me know what you think! I'll be updating as much as I can.


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    BARDLER polycounter lvl 6
    Need more value and color variation in the textures. The brick wall for example has no variation in any of the bricks, and each brick is made up of two really dark values and one mid value. Try to add more variation from brick to brick, as well as in the bricks themselves.

    Also look at real work reference for cool patterns and variation. Just because you are hand painting these doesn't mean you can do it all from your head. Type stone wall, or brick wall into google images and you will get all kinds of good ideas.
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    specsowl polycounter lvl 6
    Alright, awesome. I'll be focusing on that today then to try and break up the monotony of the walls.
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    specsowl polycounter lvl 6
    Alright, wow, it's been a busy past few days and I've been working on the DOTA 2 competition (kind of) and the level etc. I have a few more pictures to post:

    I started working on the water a ton more and decided that maybe flow maps weren't really right for my level. They are extremely expensive and for what I want, a panning normal works fine. I created a vertex blend between water and moss however, to give a sense of stagnancy and to prevent awkwardness of water flowing through the rock meshes.

    I also added in a large tree for visual interest. The tree was always a planned part of the level, but not with this intention. Originally, you were supposed to platform through the tree and onto the path, but I felt crossing the river was much more interesting.

    I did also break up the aforementioned brick wall issue, but plan on adding much more to it such as decals of cracks, wetness, and a few more.

    I've run into a bit of a creative problem in blocking off the player from exploring the rest of the scene, but I'm sure I can get it worked out soon. I'll try and post more regularly, but as busy as I've been, there's no promises.
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