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Dylan Brady polycounter lvl 7
Anyone there?
I went today, mostly hung out at the pixologic booth checking out the crazy new features of R4.

If anyone is going give me a call - 562-338-5922


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    cptSwing polycounter lvl 6
    won't be around, but feel free to give us updates on what's hot and what's not :D
  • Dataday
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    Dataday polycounter lvl 5
    I was there. =)

    Pixologic had some great workflows to show off. A lot of my associates end up either doing art or start working for pixologic, so its usually a good time to see them as well.

    While not the biggest fan of Autodesk's business model, they still managed to impress with the new features/improvements they keep adding. You can see the floor demonstrations here: (about 9+ hours long, good stuff in there though)

    Also had a chance to stop by the Blender Foundations booth, met Ton. Blender continues to impress considering its free, open source and partially runs off donations.

    Modo had a tiny corner in the back, the few times I went by it was empty. Lightwave and cinema 4D had a strong and aggressive presence, they managed to show off some impressive work. For some reason they were using 3D Coat at the cinema 4d demonstration.

    Some foreign company didnt get the memo and had a rediculous number of "booth babes", aka women in matching short skirts, high heels and lots of cleavage (not that I mind, but keep it out of siggraph)...that's what E3 is for.

    And as usual, there was a the excessive number of 3D printer booths showing off over priced looking plastic like creations.

    Over all it felt there were some good improvements on the software front but nothing to really write home about.
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