[WIP] Grass Texture

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AlanSMitchell polycounter lvl 9


I have been working on this the last couple of hours and I think it's too late for me to do anymore good. Anyways I'm going to take a step back and ask for feedback. Crit Please


  • Cibo
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    Cibo polycounter lvl 6
    One texture with 3-4 rows shifted to the right side?
    Maybe a more unique texture.

    To bright, no shadows from the blade of grass. I can see the ground but no darkness. The result looks flat.
  • Pix
    I think it does not look bad, I made some tweaks for your diffuse map, you may take it and put it over top then change opacity a bit, I only rendered clouds, darkened more because your texture is washed out, I changed levels and contrast too, I also smart sharpened it.

  • ivanzu
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    ivanzu polycounter lvl 6
    It looks like fallen pine leafs that can be seen in the forest not much like grass.
  • Pix
    I think if there was some variation not just the blades of grass but other vegetation then it would be great, no matter how many tweaks, so he should take it back to photoshop and paint in some variations.
  • AlanSMitchell
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    AlanSMitchell polycounter lvl 9
    Thanks for all the feedback especially you pix!
    I had sort of a brain wave last night trying to go to bed I'm going to try a few things and post up the diffuse again. I really like the idea of adding variation in the grass blades and other vegitation as well. So far I have gotten by on 5 grass custom brushes, back to the drawing board. I'll prolly post more tomorrow I'm tired.
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