[WIP] Abandoned Theatre

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JLHGameArt greentooth
Modelling more or less finished. All the lighting/textures are placeholders just to test some ideas. Student project. Working in UDK and Maya.





  • MikeF
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    MikeF polycounter lvl 13
    its a great start, but a few things stood out to me rite away:
    1) the rear wall really needs some breaking up, the tiling texture is just too plain on its own, maybe some pipes, a balcony of sorts or old stage equipment strewn about

    2) the atmospherics are nice, but i dont think the ground fog works too well in this kind of environment, it looks more fitting to a swamp like setting.

    3) the drapes hanging from the ceiling arnt coming out very clear, the material is kind of confusing with the opacity set so high.

    i hope thats of some help
  • JLHGameArt
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    JLHGameArt greentooth
    Thanks. Yeah I was thinking of just extending the balcony to the back wall. The textures are just placeholders right now, starting work on them all soon. I know what you mean with the drapes, I think I'll either replace them or remove them.

    I'll remove the ground fog.

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