Moar guns, moar better. The T-35.

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Impressive looking, but prone to mechanical breakdowns, the T-35 found it's role as a parade tank, striking fear into the enemies of the Soviet Union. And not much else, really.

I've come to the point where there's not much more to do with my high poly version, and since I'll have to put down this project for a little while, I figured now would be a good time to collect some critiques before I move on to the low poly and texturing.

Ignore the pieces floating around the tank itself, should have masked those out. Also, no comments towards my anatomically correct size ref please :)

A few of my own gripes:

- Anti-air MG is missing on the top turret, and the hatch it'll be attached to needs some more love.
- The edges on the side skirts are probably a little tight, will check out how well the bakes turn out.
- Casing of the main gun needs some clamps.
- I also have the nagging feeling that it could use some more bits and bobs (tools etc) clamped to the top.




Any comments are appreciated!


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