3D & 2D Videogame Art

  • 3D Art Showcase & Critiques

    Use this forum to show off your 3D video game art work, ask for feedback, offer criticisms or write about your techniques and processes. If you don't want to create a new thread you can always use the existing "What Are You Working On?" stickied to the top of this forum.
  • 2D Art Showcase & Critiques

    Use this forum to show off your 2D video game art work: illustrations, concepts, story boards, plans, you name it!
  • Animation Showcase & Critiques

    A forum for discussion, education, and feedback on various animation projects.
  • Featured Artwork

    This is the home for all the beautiful artwork you see in Polycount's headers. All of this artwork was created by the talented artists of the Polycount Community.
  • Technical Talk

    Use this forum to ask technical questions about 2D/3D software, exporting, level editors etc. Post shaders and scripts here.
  • the Polycount Tower

  • Digital Sketchbooks

    Similar to the P&P forum, each thread in DS is for a single artist to post any artwork that the choose. This is used to show a progression of projects and skills or for general art dumping without regret, worry, or intent. Please, one Sketchbook per artist.
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