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Hardsurface artists: The world famous Maya vs 3ds max conflict in a diffrent way...



  • Frankie
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    Frankie polycounter lvl 15
    Why would slow = better quality? It's the opposite for me, the faster I can do something the better it turns out because I can then spend more time on iterations.
  • Bellsey
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    Bellsey polycounter lvl 5
    I don't recall saying slow meant better quality, lol.
  • Scruples
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    Scruples polycounter lvl 7
    Someone suggested at some point that speed and quality were somehow exclusive of each other. This is beside the point because we are already going under the ideal that the end result has to be the same for any shortcuts to be viable. ie "Look at all the time I saved not chamfering anything", this really isn't a shortcut at all because the final destination isn't the same.

    What we are discussing is whether or not 3ds max provides more of these shortcuts than Maya or vice-versa, not the validity of the discussion itself or our roles as an artist.
  • perna
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    perna quad damage
    Scruples wrote: »
    What we are discussing is whether or not 3ds max provides more of these shortcuts than Maya or vice-versa, not the validity of the discussion itself or our roles as an artist.

    I just fell in love a little
  • warxsnake
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    warxsnake polycounter lvl 8
    Cut Connect collapse chamfer extrude swiftloop Bridge Cap Boolean/sub/insert/union vertex cleaner

    Those are the only things I use, and I'm sure you can bind those or something similar to whatever major modeling program

    (weapons modeler @ ubi montreal, 3dsmax)
  • Skillmister
    I actually not a total noob. I have done some hardsurface stuff in Maya before(maybe good compared to what u guys can do):
    Also as u might see by my models..... they are not very complex.... I truly think Maya isnt layout for super detailed work such as this (made in max):


    Comparing some guns to a model that took someone 3 years to make and trying to make a point out of it. oh lawd.
  • metalliandy
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    metalliandy greentooth
    Real pros model in notepad.
  • Froyok
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    Froyok Polycount Sponsor
    Real pros model in notepad.
  • WarrenM
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    WarrenM Polycount Sponsor
    That's how some guys did the original Quake fan maps. Notepad. I didn't have the sack for that and waited for the editors to come out...
  • CyberGameArts
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    CyberGameArts polycounter lvl 7
    I thought I'll yeet ya'll know:D but i jumped into Max and just started creating something. I guess thats really just the best thing to see how the program operates:
    very early WIP, still alot of work in need to do.
    I had some of my 3ds max buddies help me with the rendering :D

    Officially my first ever max hardsurface model(i know its fairly simple, but i guess a start) :
  • onionhead_o
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    onionhead_o polycounter lvl 12
    Scruples wrote: »
    Keep swinging that rusty axe, apparently time doesn't matter to some people.

    Maya's modeling with symmetry method is a cruel joke.
    You either get a massive seam across the symmetrical edge (instance with a negative transform) or you can't edit topology (model with reflection turned on). This makes modeling something where the seam is important, (like a face) a little harder than it should be.

    In Max you add a single modifier (2-3 clicks) you can then adjust the plane of symmetry on the fly, you can push points through the plane of symmetry or pull it out to re-include them while the model updates, all with or without that hard edge.

    Yes Maya is really behind in new modeling tools. But they have added tools that have been overlooked by many Maya Users. Such as Connect components, Split mesh with projected Curve, that are really useful for Hard-surface modeling. For more Complicated models I still go with Max.

    Just thought Maya Users might be interested. I have found a way to get nondestructive Symmetry to work in Maya that mimics 3dsmaxs symmetry modifier.

    for the method to work best have your mesh at 0,0,0 or at least 0 on one axis.

    1)Select the mesh, Shift + right click > Choose mirror cut options, make sure merge with original is off.

    2)Then go back to your original mesh and do any edits and it will transfer over to the mirror side.

    3)Combine and Merge

    Advantages using this method:

    - no need to delete half of your model.
    - no negative transform


    - shading might be messed up on the mirror side.
    - few steps more then max's symmetry
    - have to delete the mirror cut plane
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