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3Point Shader - Shader material editor and Quality Mode normalmaps for 3ds Max


  • Xoliul
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    Xoliul polycounter lvl 12
    Don't use 2014, stick with 2012. There are no new interesting features , and it breaks shader support even more.
  • Orgoth02
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    Orgoth02 polycounter lvl 9
    Unfortunately 2014 is what my work is using so I don't have a choice :(
  • Thane-
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    Thane- polycounter lvl 3
    Is the 3Point Shader still relevant for Max 2015?
  • EarthQuake
    I think it only works with 2012 and earlier, autodesk broke a bunch of shader stuff in newer versions.
  • Kosai106
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    Kosai106 polycounter lvl 9
    As Laurens explains here, Autodesk broke Direct3D shaders and they still haven't fixed it.
  • pixeldamage
    Are people using anything decent for max2k13 viewport right now? I'm still on max 2013 for production and whilst testing in-engine is the end goal, it would really help productivity by having better previews.

    The standard DX .fx file is limited to one light and whilst it'd be easy to use Shader FX to make a new one - sfx is limited to max d3d11. The Normal Bump method gives pretty shitty results compared to what we had previously with quality normals etc. I'm guessing the answer is "make do with shitty normals in the viewport on max 2013" but just intrigued to know if everyone's doing this.
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