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Paulewog polycounter lvl 8
too old, info out of date. 


  • BradMyers82
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    BradMyers82 polycounter lvl 10
    I'm not too fond of the site design to be honest. It sort of looks squeezed in there and random with the layout. The text doesn't read well, and over all its hard on the eyes.
    The concept art is def your strong point and the 3d is holding you back. I really like that first concept art piece, but I think you should work a little on the proportions if you want to make it one of your main focal points (I see it in the background and as your first image)
    You could really use a full 3d character if you want to go for a 3d character modeling job. It really strikes me as you may have not had time to do this yet, which makes you look pretty green imo.
    I like the concept art of the girl holding the sword the most (or maybe that's a dude). Anyways, that would be cool if you made a full 3d character of this, or perhaps just a regular person to show your abilities.
    Great job though, and Good Luck!
  • makecg
  • Target_Renegade
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    Target_Renegade polycounter
    I suggest using a darker font for the text.
  • Philly13
    Cool work man, concept work is great, good sense of light and color :)
  • griffinax
    Everything on the site looks unorganized, also the font could be darker, not too easy on the eyes right now.
    Nonetheless, love the conceptual works, and that mushroom head looks sweet!
  • Sirdelita
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    Sirdelita polycounter lvl 9
    Great job Paul! I agree with Brad with what we talked about earlier about making the layout more uniform and structured. Also I think you should post your texture sheets and specs with your 3d work.
  • nrek
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    nrek polycounter lvl 9
    What the F Paul, why are you holding back. I know you have a full model of the Ashima Che character, and I thought you finished that blue guy completely. Get that stuff up there. Also try using the save for web feature in photoshop to get most of your images down to smaller file sizes. And the super long images like the frontier design sheet might work better if you broke them up so each images loads separately, by the time they finish eye humping the fist image the rest will be loaded as opposed to waiting for one giant image to load.

    As for the site, I actually like the design but I feel it would work better if you had the two columns side by side rather than staggered like you have now. Maybe remove the text and links so you can slide the 3d thumbs up, put the bio and links on a dif page or something.

    Oh and are you buddy buddy with Jason Chan? Awesome.
  • Firebert
    your concept work is sharp man! i would do more pieces like the frontier stuff since it shows the various stages and levels of development. single pieces are okay if they fall in line with a group of ideas (the brute & frontier stuff), but by themselves (hoplite, guard, etc.) they really only show your ability to draw. if they are by themselves, they should be bad ass fully realized renderings and compositions.

    scrap the 3d stuff and focus on the 2d work. create more character sheets, do some environments, concept out some weapons, props, and vehicles. you could really benefit from rounding out your work as right now it is very character driven. a concept artist will be asked to do more than just characters at most places, especially for a first time gig. ultimately, this will really help you grow creatively and artistically in your abilities. once you get a gig, then focus on your 3d stuff. you would be better off being an ace than a jack of all master of none.

    i agree with the comments on the site. if i load the page up, i see only a couple of thumbs, your bkgd image, and some info about you. whoever goes to your page, they want to see your work, in their face, first and foremost. no fancy bkgd images, no crazy opacity patterns and glow effects. think of an old fashioned portfolio before the internet. paper form.

    change your title from character artist to concept artist. there's a couple reasons. first, character artists are mostly modelers. i understand you want to be that, but your portfolio is more (and i believe should totally be) more concept driven (at this point anyway). second, you're really limiting yourself by saying you are a character artist. not only do you not have the experience of an industry character artist, but these are small teams with limited opportunities and a sea of people that want to be a character artist. concept art is also extremely competitive, but you will fall in line a lot easier with "concept artist" as a title than "character artist". if you ultimately want to be a character artist, that's all fine and good, but you will reach that goal easier once you get in the industry by making that evident to your employer and gain enough experience to move to different studios.

    no one is going to really want to read info about you. scrap it. they want to see your work. if they want to know about you, then they'll click on your resume or contact you. the most important thing is your art. when it comes time for interviews, that's when you are most important.

    finally, simplify, and then over simplify. make your contact link and resume stuff apparent and not tiny little links that i can barely see at the resolution on my monitor. right now your text blends in with the background colors a little too close and makes it really hard to read. not enough contrast. thus making it difficult to find those contact/resum
  • Sneekyazn
    ...Paul...wheres all the rest of your stuff?! C'mon man?! I know you have more finished things than that that are spectacular!
  • Paulewog
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    Paulewog polycounter lvl 8
    THANKS SO MUCH ALREADY GUYS! I am fast at work on correcting the things all of you mentioned. Love the input. Its not the I just want to be a character artist (meaning modeler) I would actually rather start out with concept artist. I misunderstood the title I guess. Ill change that right away. Keep the input coming guys. again thanks so much

    Take it easy
    Paul Hoefener
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