[Technical Talk] - FAQ: Game art optimisation (do polygon counts really matter?)



  • C2S07
    In his article, Guillaume Provost suggested that before optimizing, first it should be determined whether the mesh is transform or fill bound. Question: How does one estimate the transform and fill cost of a mesh? Are there any tools, scripts or plugins for this purpose?
  • Impossible9
    Greetings. I'm a 3d modeller/level designer/game designer person, aspiring to be one of the above. I just want to make games, in general, so I'm interested in learning all associated trades.

    Hence why I decided to become part of this community, where I hope to learn lots of new things, ask for, and in time, give advice.
  • Thane-
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    Thane- polycounter lvl 3
    Any big changes in 2015 with the new consoles/cards/etc?
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