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First 3D Showreel

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Presenting my first showreel.


I am an amateur 3d artist wanting to start a career in CGI. All elements were created by myself. I wanted to learn the full pipeline from modelling through to colour grading.

Enjoy and thank you for watching.


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis godlike master sticky

    Hey bud, this is a surprisingly good demo reel for someone just trying to break in. Solid modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering. Keep pumping out work and applying.

    Some advice is to show workflow a bit. Show off wireframe, texture maps, that sort of thing. You should get some stills up on ArtStation. Would be cool to see if you could do low poly work for games as well. Maybe try doing some organic stuff, or a full environment?

    Best of luck, hopefully you get snatched up soon!

    ps. whats the song in the beginning of your reel?

  • MattKB


    Thank you for your comments, its really appreciated. I wanted to try and set myself apart by making a couple of larger projects from start to finish and devoted a lot of time learning and experimenting to gain an insight into each area of the production.

    I do have some stills on artstation/mjkb, but haven't included a breakdown of the models so I will absolutely look at putting that on there.

    Funny you mention low poly, I have been looking around whilst applying for jobs and thought the next thing I should do is some low poly/environment stuff.

    The song is called, Dubai Dive Bar, and can be found on adobe stock.

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