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CG Character Modeling: A Girl Drinking Bubble Tea


CG Character Modeling: A Girl Drinking Bubble Tea

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The Process of Artwork Creation

1.Model Sculpting:The pleats and folds arecompletely made by ZBrush. The earrings and bubbletea part are modeled with the aid of 3ds Max.

2.Material Mappings Creating: We will explain to you how to draw the facial skinand highlight the features, how to express the stroke texture of oil painting on the clothes, and how to deal with details of bubble tea.

3.Lighting and Rendering: We are going to discuss how Marmoset Toolbag works to create better models, how to express skin, eyeballs and bubble tea with SSS material, as well as how avariety of lighting make the model perform better.

Software: #ZBrush #3dsmax #SubstancePainter #MarmosetToolbag

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